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IMeureka is a collaborative platform for insurance brokers that offers tools and solutions to streamline tasks and increase efficiency in the management of insurance brokerage. Our marketplace connects insurers and brokers with the best solutions for business management and offers access to alternative markets and external solutions. Brokers can use IMeureka to allocate policies and compare different offers for their clients, while clients have access to a personalized app. We offer a wide range of additional services, such as risk verification, claims management and legal advice.


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The broker is an essential and irreplaceable figure in risk management. The input that a broker provides a client with is essential for the correct counseling of his assets.

360 solution

IMeureka offers brokers the only global brokerage management solution which automates all the repetitive tasks where the broker adds little value. A platform connected to the best technological solutions that a broker needs: ERP, automatic quoting, risk management... All in one.


The marketplace also gives the broker access to the largest insurance offer on the market, with the presence of national and international Insurance Companies, MGA's and Insurtechs, which will provide the broker with winning offers.

Imeureka offers insurers a unique business model, where in addition to receiving listing opportunities sent by brokers, they can scan the marketplace for opportunities that match their risk appetite.

Effective contact

A new form of mediation, much more efficient, without losing the “human” relationship with the broker, so important in a people business.

Mas información de valor

La plataforma permite hacer seguimiento de tus cotizaciones para que puedas posicionarte con mas opciones de ganar los riesgos que te interesan.

Personalized services for brokers and insurers

Market release

Thanks to the policy placement tool you’ll be able to negotiate more policies in less time.

Coverage comparison

Our AI extracts data from documents to automatically compose coverage comparison. No more spreadsheets.

Reinsurance request

get the reinsurance capacity you need for your business, easily and in real time.


Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of acquiring business by proactively searching for risks.


Publish opportunities in the marketplace for another broker to assist you in the placement. Work with transparency and efficiency in the process.

Data & Analitics

Todo dato es explotable. El dato es la pieza angular de una correcta gestión de tu correduría y te dará argumentos de negociación con los mercados.

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You can use IMeureka, migrating your entire portfolio, or simply use it for the operations you need. In the onboarding of your brokerage, we will incorporate the users you need, your usual contacts from the insurance sector and we will synchronize your email to the platform. It is a very simple process, we take care of everything.

IMeureka is a business management platform. It is the perfect complement to your ERP. At IMeureka you will find the ideal solution to make your work efficient in relation to your negotiations with the market.

Data security is a priority for us. The platform has robust security measures that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data belonging to partners and clients. At IMeureka, we are committed to complying with all regulations on data protection, and to offering a transparent and reliable service.

IMeureka is a solution that can be connected to any platform that adds value to the broker. The ultimate goal of IMeureka is to form a digital ecosystem with its own and third-party solutions that give the broker the best solution on the market.

Any insurance solution (insurance company, MGA, insurtechs...) is interesting for the IMeureka marketplace. Our team of experts will be in charge of assessing the incorporation of each new market in the marketplace. Our objective is to offer brokers the largest national and international insurance offer, which allows them to obtain the best offers to win clients.

IMeureka’s tools allow for a more efficient and effective claims management, which can improve the quality of the service offered to customers and reduce response time in the event of a claim.


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